Holistic Treatments

Concentrates on balancing and energising the body through touch and aroma….


Holistic Treatments

The word holistic means “whole”. Conventional medicine tends to focus on the symptom or the part of the body that has the problem whilst the holistic approach takes into account the whole person. Holistic therapists believe that the body has a vital life force. When this becomes out of balance – disease takes a hold. The aim of holistic therapy is to restore the balance of this vital life force and help the body heal itself naturally.

Holistic therapies do not just have physical benefits – they help the mental, emotional and the spiritual wellbeing of a person. Holistic treatments are also deeply relaxing.


Clinical Aromatherapy Full body                   75mins £45

Back neck and shoulder massage                       40mins £35

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries in many different ways, the essential oils are used to treat many kinds of problems, ranging from skin complaints to stress. Each client has a consultation then a blend of oils are chosen to meet the needs of the individual.

Indian Head Massage                                     30mins £25

Is a mix of both old and new techniques which have been used for centuries this is fantastic for relieving tension around the neck, shoulder and scalp areas helps to combat insomnia, stress and sinus problems.


Reflexology                                                        55mins £28

Using gentle pressure on points of the feet this can help boost the immune system, alleviate migraine, digestive and back problems and many more.


Reiki                                                                       55mins £25

A deeply relaxing treatment that promotes healing and a sense of wellbeing.


Hopi ear candling                                             35mins £25

Helps removal of ear wax is soothing for earache, ear noise, sinus problems, headaches & stress. Includes pressure point facial massage.

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