Body treatments

Hot Stone Therapy

This unique therapy which uses stones that are formed from volcanic origin is extremely effective due to the stones thermal and energy conductive effects. The Application of hands in conjunction with these unique stones produces Intensified contact and direct energy to areas of blockage dissolving stress and tension.

Hot stone Total body re-balance 2hrs £65

Beginning with skin brushing and exfoliation removing dead and dry skin. Followed by a full body hot stone massage, with chakra rebalancing and energy renewal this will leave you in a deep state of relaxation.

Hot stone Back, face & scalp treatment 90mins £60

Beginning with a deep cleansing back exfoliation preparing the skin for a hot stone back massage followed by a mini facial and scalp massage. Leaving your skin soft smooth, re-hydrated and your body and mind totally relaxed.

Hot stone Back neck & shoulder massage 45mins £40

Skin brushing and exfoliation prepare the skin for this deeply relaxing and tension busting hot stone massage.

Hot stone full body massage 60mins £45

Hot stone Back massage 30mins £35

This treatment eases away muscle tension. Relaxing the body and bringing about total balance within.